About Us 

Collectively our work over the years has ended up being a long journey that has drawn us into many disciplines where we’ve needed a more-than-superficial understanding of both theory and practice. Throughout this learning process, we built a large repertoire of models, ideas and tools we bring to a wide variety of consulting engagements involving many forms of public and private companies and organizations.

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Our Mission



The Michigan Center 4 Economic Opportunity [MI-C4EO] and African Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce [ACCC] have partnered specifically to address coporate diversity. As the broader entity ACCC focuses on economic opportunity through small business and entrepreneurial development while MI-C4EO develops strategies and plans for corporations to effectively engage community partners to achieve diversity, local talent development and community economic goals.



Diversity is not only a case of compliance or values, but “business.” Diversity is the smart thing to do for business, and when managed well, is one of the most important assets an organization has in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Our partnership and supplier diversity and economic inclusion strategies are designed to help the bottom line.


Economic Inclusion

By becoming a strong advocate for economic inclusion and then actively promoting supplier diversity as part of their brand identity, companies are finding a competitive edge in the marketplace where consumers favor the brand that supports an important social cause over goods that are similar in price and quality.

SBS Construction

It is our belief that the highest and best use of our client's time is focusing on their daily business. By working with the client from the conceptual stage, we are able to offer a comprehensive package which best suits the client's specific needs. The opportunity exists to select the optimum site, to design the most effective layout, to establish firm cost parameters, and to select the most appropriate building materials.   Butters Construction & Development, Inc. offers a full service package which results in the completion of a first class facility.

After assisting the client with their site selection, the Butters Team will coordinate the architectural/engineering design of the building, process the plans through the various government agencies for permitting, and construct the facility in accordance with the predetermined budget and schedule. This all inclusive system is known as "Single Point of Accountability", and is the heart of our design/build approach. Single responsibility allows the client to deal with one entity, which can provide immediate respon iveness, and assumes all responsibility. Butters assigns a senior level official to serve as the client's contact throughout the duration of the project.

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Detroit Talent Hub

The Detroit Talent Hub will serve as an employment and training broker, working with lead employer partners to assess and hire as well as operate an internet portal for sector placement, monitoring and retention services. The web portal connects employers with qualified workers from the Detroit region and local training agencies. With just a few clicks, users will be able to find workers who are qualified, experienced or credentialed to enter the workforce for emerging and growing local, regional or national companies needing or wanting to connect with local talent.

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